21st Prawnography
Euroshrimp Ltd

A short note about this site. Setup in 1999 under prawnography.com it ran for 3 years to highlight all things prawn. The Masters Championship was set at 4kg/m3 back then and this is what is now achievable in 2022.

Into the second year of Prawnography dot com we are proud to present our new portal. Remember here is where we swear to tell you the prawn, the whole prawn and nothing but the prawn.

We will be revealing to you more naked truths behind the prawn as well as helping you to digest the latest prawn tales.

Go to this redhot page for the prawntastiest recipe of the month. With over 100,000 prawn recipes on the net this is your access to dedicated prawn recipe lists.
The oral prawn guide to eating establishments with prawn only themes (or mainly prawn....).

Here you can access live prawn action on the web.
See the Japanese prawn tigers.

Your link to prawn film stars who are prawn addicts.

Those holiday and vacation treats that you, as a dedicated Prawn fan, have always yearned for......only prawn tastes catered for.

Prawn festival link pages for those of you who want to celebrate prawn.

Real prawn for the daring....well not that daring really, just go for it.

This space is for our sponsors. Thank you.

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