Only from where species is found endemically.
White Pacific shrimp from South America

Solo de region donde se encuentra especies localmente.
Langostinos de sud America.

Clean deck product
Producto limpio

No added e-numbers
Sin e-numeros aƱadido

The headson shrimp will contain sulfites in the head.
The peeled product has zero additives and water pickup agents

Food Safety
Seguridad alimentaria

Using a Steamans v.4
Utilizando un Steamans v.4

Steaming on the spot. Effectively sterilizes from any handling.
Highest food safety using a steamans CoolVapTap v.4

Peeling tech
tecnologia en pelar

Hand peeled head pull vein
Pelado a mano 

Peeled a deveined from head. No knife cut or needle pull vein. That you can pull out vein with head is indicator of freshness and quality of product

Full life cycle traceability


Shrimptail bar hand peels its own shrimp from select sources only.