Steamans VapTap © - a consumer facing food steaming process technology that delivers safe, healthily and freshly steamed food portions and tapas to end consumer rapidly, with zero exhaust, complete odour control, small footprint, minimal installation, easy operation and great functionality. Designed for front-of-house barista operation.

So what problems does the patented Steamans VapTap © process technology solve?

> No kitchen?  If you have an espresso machine running you can install a Steamans VapTap ©
>  Boring food at the bar with yet more processed dry snacks? Install a Steamans VapTap ©
> Concerns with food safety and handling to end consumers? Steamans VapTap © effectively sterilizes food.


>  What about the smell?  Steamans VapTap © patented process technology is designed for zero odour exhaust.
>  Is it complicated to use ? No as simple as making a cup of coffee.
>  My customers don't want to hang around long to get served!  Steamans VapTap  © process technology steam cooks shrimp for example from frozen in under two minutes   
VapTap v.4

 Developed with shrimp in mind. Capability ~ 40 portions per hour. 
Other food products can be steamed in machine.

Pipeline - v.5 and v.6 - robotization - mockup and design work in progress 


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